Cryptography Resources

I spent a lot of my first year in grad school trying to pick up the basics in different areas of cryptography. These are the introductory materials in each topic that helped me the most.

Multi-Party Computation

Bar-Ilan Winter School on MPC

Talk by Yehuda Lindell, Benny Pinkas, Thomas Schneider, abhi shelat, Claudio Orlandi and Ivan Damgard

A nice series of introductory talks that cover a handful of important MPC protocols. The later videos give an overview of some at-the-time recent papers in the space (from 2015).

A Pragmatic Introduction to Secure Multi-Party Computation

Textbook by David Evans, Vladimir Kolesnikov and Mike Rosulek

This book gives a high-level introduction to various common MPC protocols and techniques. It’s very digestible and covers a lot more protocols than the Bar-Ilan winter school videos. There are no security proofs though, unfortunately.

How to Simulate It

Paper by Yehuda Lindell

Simulation proofs are used in many areas of cryptography, but they’re especially critical for MPC. This paper helped me wrap my head around what simulation-based definitions actually mean, why they’re used, and how the proofs work.

Universal Composability

Ran Canetti Lectures

Talk by Ran Canetti

A high-level introduction to universal composability from the UC oracle himself. Watch before reading Ran’s UC Paper, which as far as I know is the only complete description of the UC framework.

Lattice-Based Cryptography

Bar-Ilan Winter School on Lattice-Based Cryptography

Talk by Oded Regev, Vadim Lyubashevsky, Chris Peikert and Craig Gentry

A series of talks from various speakers. Starts from the basics and covers some fundamental constructions, including a lot of time spent on FHE.

Chris Peikert Course Notes

Class by Chris Peikert

A set of typed lecture notes and homeworks from a class Chris Peikert teaches. The lecture notes are more detailed than his survey (see below), and there’s some good exercises in the homeworks.

A Decade of Lattice Cryptography

Paper by Chris Peikert

I think this is the most complete written introduction to lattice based crypto out there. It’s a nice overview of common lattice problems and cryptographic constructions.

Differential Privacy

Contextualizing Cryptography

Crypto for the People

Talk by Seny Kamara

A talk by Seny Kamara that lays out a vision for how cryptographic research can better serve marginalized groups.